What is SSTDR

The Next Generation of TDR Technology
Monitor Electrical Circuit in Real-Time
SSTDR(Spread Spectrum time Domain Reflectometry) is the core technology of LiveWire Innovation. By combining the Spread Spectrum technology and TDR technology, LiveWire has achieved a significant breakthrough in being able to monitor real-tme changes in live electrical circuits. With SSTDR, tesitng and monitoring on an energized cable is no longer a mission impossible, but a mission with ease.
Before SSTDR
Time Domain Reflectometry (TDR) is a method of measuring characteristics of electrical lines that has been used for decades. A time-domain reflectometer instrument is used to locate the electrical faults in metallic cables, and these specific cable testers find an intermittent fault within an electrical path.
TDR provides the basis for the technology needed to detect electrical faults within cables when an electrical current is not live. However, TDR methods were not able to locate the tiny intermittent faults left after an arc fault event because the impedance discontinuity was too small to create a measurable reflection. And, TDR mothed were not able to perform a test when the circuit is energized due to the possible signal interference.

When 1+1>2
LiveWire recognized this lapse in TDR method and found that all these shortages of TDR method could be solved by combinng the Spread Spectrum concept into TDR method. Spread Spectrum is the technological foundation of cell phone communications, and is used to transfer a small but neverthless recognizable signal in a high noise environment.
The Birth of SSTDR
With the combination of Sread Spectrum and TDR, LiveWire Innovation’s new SSTDR technology could quickly identify and pinpoint the location of faults in both energized and de-energized metallica wiring.
Quick, Safe, Precise
SSTDR technology reduces maintenance, troubleshooting, and/or monitoring costs, increases system reliability, and can extend the useful life of systems and structures by providing accurate monitoring of system health environments.
Multiple Choice
SSTDR is available in both self-constained and embedded platforms
Module / Embedded Solution






FPGA SSTDR Evaluation Kit

Standalone SSTDR Product


Arc Chaser


Power Prowler

Fault Chaser

Fault Chaser

Variety of Applications
We work with partners and customers to understand the need and the marketplace, and then develop custom solutions to meet those needs. Because of our unique business model, we are able to work with large corporations, small companies, and small local distributors.

Monitor your cable system 24/7 with the lastest Live Cable Fault Monitoring Module

Save your time for trouble shoot. Absolute increase in Efficiency and Accuraccy.

Reduce the downtime of your aircraft. Monitor intermittent faults during operation.

Detect all the taps and intrusion in your power line network.

SSTDR Integration
Embed SSTDR technology into your new generation of product and system.
For so many years, we’ve been limited by the current technology. It doesn’t mean that the current technology is not good, but we all expect to have a new break through once in a while.
SSTDR is the first technology that enables us to fully monitor and test the energized wiring system at the same time. It helps you to locate the faulty wire with less effort, and it gives you real time feedback on the whole wiring system. Just like your very own watchman for the electrical system. Imagine how this technology could help us to improve the problems that we face today!
— Dr. Cynthia Furse